Why there is need for conveyancers in the real estate field?

what you do is you actually ring five top agents in Woodhill-joinery the area you know who they are so for the brand name ones and you know ring up Hocking Sugar Ray White whoever it is buxton depending on where you live and say listen I’m thinking of an investor I’ve got a property here in Bentley can you give me an appraisal.

What it was woodhill-joinery worth for me if I was to sell it today now in the written report not only will they give you a price range in the actual report they’ll give you five to ten comparable sales substantiating their findings so let’s say for example your property in Bentley is worth you’ve got a townhouse you pick that up a few years ago and it’s with a GFP now the agent will give you a letter saying.

What is the importance of property valuation?

That you know we estimate the property would sell today for between nine hundred thousand for example to 950 based on that particular property but not only will they give you that in writing they’ll actually give you comparable sales properties that have sold in Bentley or Bentley.

East in the last three months that are very similar to your property but I’ve solved that a high price point to substantiate that claim now remember this is this letter is just an opinion every agent contributes in Australia okay so.


What you do is you woodhill-joinery get five of those so you end up with with in your comparable sales each agent will give you five to ten let’s say comparable sales so but some of you go through five agents you’ve got 25 to 50 comparable sales and you choose.

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